Xiaotangshan hot Spring Festival of 2016

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昌平● 小汤山 温泉节开幕!

Hot Spring Festival timeon September 29, 2016 - December 31, 2016

Hot Spring Festival themechangping share of hot springs, fall in love with health

13th Beijing, changping, xiaotangshan hot Spring Festival today in jiuhua hotel opened, the municipal LvYouWei, municipal culture bureau, the municipal land and resources bureau, changping district changping district each WeiBanJu, towns (street) main leaders, representatives of changping tourism enterprises, the news media, district business representatives attended the opening ceremony. 

The opening ceremony with the theme "love changping" throughout; Panoramic views to give participants the special experience of "immersion"; With rich video content, present "health tourism hot springs, beautiful changping, romantic" unique charm.

What is the hot Spring Festival activities?

Some close to ask: are there any good activity at the Spring Festival, the little love introduce everyone ~~~

Springs in love couples shakotan coast swim. The air wedding show


How would you like to wedding show with a sieve? "Spring city" in the series of theme activities, Beijing aviation club and spa jointly held jointly air wedding, must make you feel this memorable wedding! Harvest everybody envy eyes!


"Spring" caravan of tourist publicity for citizens to send real benefit

 Note: this car is likely to appear in front of your eyes, don't let it go ~ ~

If you see your home village or one day around the campus, commercial parked on the street the tourism caravan, it was caught! Let's "love changping" caravan of tourist publicity activities, to let's Beijing residents sent to rich, the benefits of tourism products, recommend our changping distinctive home stay facility, hot springs, global travel, really our changping tourism "going out", let more Beijing residents "come in".


"Spring's story" yoga show, hot springs, keeping in good health


The hot Spring Festival launched "yoga + hot spring" fitness regimen brand project: invite national yoga instructors, yoga reds and hundreds of yoga enthusiasts, organization communication, teaching yoga, athletic, performances and other activities. You love doing sports together...


"Spring new experience" changping foreigners in the eyes of beauty

The Spring Festival, will also invite foreign living and working in Beijing and around beijing-tianjin-hebei embassy staff and their families, international media, such as foreign students into the changping, changping cultural tourism experience, "through Beijing, hand-painted changping".

The hot Spring Festival held the specific content can log in love changping APP, changping tourism micro LvYouWei website, website or changping district changping network marketing platform query, fast with a last-borns together go to hot springs ~ ~