"Leaves be red in February flower" is not in xiangshan, more fragrant hill!

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Autumn has to leaf is red "leaves be red in February flower" is not the fragrant hills, and better than xiangshan, said the Beijing suburbs of changping mengshan. Mengshan red leaves, red s-curve, plate Qiu branches as from van gogh's, with warm ~ out of life

Mengshan red leaves, and red clear, is full of dashing and autumn in the north do strong ~

Mengshan red leaves, viewing season have to!

Mengshan ornamental strategy

Mengshan national forest park in addition to the vast area of natural forest vegetation landscape, and unique human landscape, ornamental strategy - the north's largest stone Buddha

In the foot of mengshan encircle platforms, the end is a charity of the maitreya Buddha statue be, up to 9.9 meters, weighs 1500 tons, by the 200 pieces of 5-10 tons, 80 masons spent a year to complete. Buddha designed by famous sculptor Zhao Shutong professor in China.

Ornamental strategy - Beijing highest long profile of coloured drawing or pattern

Corridor under the mountain is 90 meters long, is located in a hollow dam. The top of the mountain corridor long 150 meters, is Beijing's highest painted corridor, looks like a wolong looming in the fog. Is a good place to tourists rest, enjoy the cool.

Early deciduous, green to the jagged, Chen red have overlap, sweeping the floor at the beginning of the atrium three lobes - wang around the tree

Mengshan maple leaves festival has begun, 2015 series activity content is "the color of autumn" photography contest, "autumn supplements right" - wild mushroom food festival, "to put a fake heart" -- "reward maple, soaked, meditation" tour activities recruiting, "affection, healthy balance" -- parent-child journey of "hot yoga" series of activities.

This year's festival of the maple leaf of mengshan activities rich in content and fun, welcome you close attention and participation.

Traffic guidance

Kowloon by 919 bus routes: okm local train, the west railway station take bus 845, AnDingMen take bus no. 912 road to the terminal. Or take bus no. 345 feeder terminal, change to the ring 6 road, 912 road.

Drive route: go Beijing chang expressway to the west on the export, changping along the street, changping government has been to the dongguan east island, north reservoir road, walk along mengshan resort road signs, a resort to mengshan park.