Royal Lin essence

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Royal Lin essence is located in west Beijing xiaotangshanmodern agriculture science and technology demonstration garden (organic fruit picking area), covers an area of 350 mu. Farm with "organic, security" is the management idea, with "healthy green ecological agriculture," is the management characteristic, which is based on ecological agriculture, urban agriculture sightseeing, picking, fishing, conference, catering, leisure as a whole, with characteristic of modern hot spring farm.

Here can enjoy the beautiful pastoral scenery, breathing the fresh air, enjoy the natural oxygen bar, experience the high quality of life. His farm has nearly hundred acres of the water, keep a grass carp, carp, silver carp fishing seasons for guest. Ornamental fish area, several kinds of fish in the water the cheerful swim free. Near the surface of the water ecological vegetables promenade, a variety of fruits and vegetables hanging around, like xanadu. Elegant environment of the floating restaurant, ecological restaurant can eat in ornamental beauty farm, the farm produce all kinds of green vegetables, the vegetables at the same time, enjoying the nature with pure and fresh and romantic.

Farm has children, adult hot spring swimming pool, outdoor pool towering trees, make the person while breathing the fresh air, feel the full-bodied sweet natural scenery. Distinctive water cabin, natural stone canals, unique, different shapes of floating Bridges, and canals on both sides of the great trees constitute a distinctive nature beauty. Farm people can receive 100 residential and 200 people dining at the same time, dozens of sets of single bubble springs cabin and courtyard, forms a perfect harmony between human and nature.

Garden planting winter date, organic, plums, fruit mulberry, cherry, pear in November peaches, strawberries, ganoderma lucidum, etc, all the year round with fruit, full use of organic fertilizer in the planting of fruit, do not use any herbicides, fruit all standard higher than the national green food standards, including the royal card dongzao quality outstanding, Lin city first.

Royal Lin essence resort is a collection of changping tourism, sightseeing, sports leisure, meetings, pick the food hot spring tourist area as a whole. Royal Lin provides you with various kinds of hot spring resort room, exclusive of 2 the world hot spring standard rooms, warm family of three of the hot spring spa suites, joy Party courtyard, allowing you to fully relax, feel royal Lin again bring you comfortable enjoy.

Contact phone: 010-51667512

Hotel address: changping district of Beijing xiaotangshan west modern agricultural science and technology demonstration garden (north China aviation museum)