North China international shooting museum - juyongguan village health feast - tank museum

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Nankou international shooting gallery is located in changping district in northern China, is the world's largest recreational shooting activities as the main business of large-scale integrated entertainment place, has the most experience projects supporting business the most complete, the most advanced equipment, and other advantages. Shooting range existing small-bore pistols, rifles, shotguns, paintball guns and other civilian gun is available for everyone to fixed, sports, flying saucer, horse, cardiac activity such as shot. Target is 200 meters professional way 2, 100 meters 18 professional target, target article 8, 25 m pistol standard flying saucer shooting range 1, one indoor shooting range. Well, how cool!!!!

Firearms shooting museum is located in the north, the museum decoration solemn, modern, display a large number of modern firearms physical and equipped with professional accurate annotation. Display content is divided into the hall and Chinese hall of two parts, the exhibits contain the gun system, grenade weapons, such as individual guidance weapon type. Let's have a national defense education, understand the knowledge of small arms.
Address: changping district NaKou Town MaFang Village 1
Telephone: 010-80190360

After experience such a tough guy, let's come to is located at the foot of the Great Wall at juyongguan NaKou Town juyongguan village, turf is here all around the green hills, the scenery is very beautiful. Juyongguan village doctor of traditional Chinese medicine research institute of Chinese medicine experts invitation to juyongguan local Chinese herbal medicine as the main raw material, developed a unique four seasons health ingredients, respectively, in the spring grass bouquet preserve one's health, launched five valley grain preserve one's health in the summer, in autumn winter melon soup pot, five-color dumplings health feast was introduced in winter, the four seasons is different, different flavor. Five-color dumplings with bai luobo, purple cabbage, spinach, carrots, sweet pink-fleshed radish radish, vegetable juice with noodles, sour pickled cabbage, fennel, leek etc. On the package all kinds of dumpling stuffing, not only taste and rich nutrition, color and shape is also very likable guy. Come on! Serve hot dumplings!

Address: changping district NaKou Town
The museum of Chinese tanks and tank China and the only Asian museum.
With a history of people's armor tanks, armored vehicles, tanks, four most weapons training simulator, simulation modelling, a total of 11 exhibition hall. The museum displays various historical period, various types of tanks, armored vehicles, tanks and training simulator. Chinese tank museum there are all the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) the content of the active or retired tanks and self-propelled gun, in addition to the history of the Chinese people's liberation army armored force data, photographs, and monumental relics, etc., as well as a variety of gun battle tanks, owners, driving simulators, etc. Tanks, fans, has been to satisfy ~
Address: changping district town of Yang fang
Telephone: 010-66759900