Aviation museum + profit spring garden hotel

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The China aviation museum Is China's first opening to the outside of the large aviation museum, is Asia's largest aviation treasures assemble. The museum is located at the foot of the tangshan in changping district. Collection of more than 270 aircraft, national cultural relics plane, nearly 99 aviation artifacts, is the collection of science and technology education, tourism in one of the national museum of military theme, is currently Asia's largest and one of the top five aviation museum in the world.

Is located on the north of the museum, the new China, the introduction of each aircraft, missile, especially fighters - 8 ii ejecting A, annihilates - 10, annihilates - 11 new planes, such as elsewhere it is difficult to see, and the vehicles - 1, can be said to be the orphan works, that the launch of the hydrogen bomb blast - 6 in the museum also!! How, on a tall! So there is gold, must have the opportunity to show their baby to walk!

Go all the way down and you must be tired, might as well to benefit the spring garden hotel bubble soup of private party. Yi spring garden hotel is known as the "native of Beijing spring", deduce the classic "private soup" concept, Shang Chi household, combined with the natural material bubble pool and the dusty courtyard environment design, guarantee absolutely killed enjoy private life. It broke through the traditional noisy, noisy, immersed in the environment for young and old, an independent, closed out space, let you quietly enjoy!

Consumer information:
1, please carry love changping when consumer network marketing platform electronic ticket, the success of the purchase by consumption;
2, provide free parking space;
Aviation museum:
Address: 5806 xiaotangshan
Transportation: the city traffic: take 643 bus direct, okm by 345, 919 to sand bridge in hebei turn to the 945 road to the museum that is. Drive traffic: from the beijing-tibet expressway of badaling highway (the original) road 22 exports, namely the xiaotangshan export right turn professional 9 kilometers east.
Take the subway, shahe station, transfer to bus 945 bus, or subway line 5 turn end bus 643
Open time
08:30 a.m. every day to the afternoon 05:30 (closed on Monday, except legal holidays)
Ticket prices
In the library for free, comprehensive exhibition hall: 20.00 yuan Underground structure: 20.00 yuan
Yi spring garden hotel
Yi spring address: changping district of Beijing xiaotangshan national agricultural science and technology demonstration garden
Yi spring telephone: 010-61785555, 61785678