Zhang khar ginkgo - Lin cui village apple picking

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Changping south zhang shao town area has a forest of ginkgo, ginkgo biloba is Beijing's largest forest, whenever the mid to late October, becomes a dazzling golden ginkgo leaves, they or hanging on the branches, or down the ground, as if the whole world were dyed a golden color.

Changping ginkgo Lin's location in changping south ZhangGeZhuang Village shao town, here, south adjacent to Beijing dense channel area of about one thousand mu, the number of the ginkgo tree for more than eighty strains, the city is the largest of the ginkgo tree planting base.

And the tree ginkgo trees here is shorter, short trunk, leafy, very suitable for tourists taking pictures.

Autumn is beautiful, because of the scenery, because the fruit. Admire the view, after must do is pick, and autumn changping, apple is the most famous.

Cui village is called "the first town of Beijing suburbs apple. Cui village is located in the mid-levels district, excellent quality, warm piedmont belt of geography and climate advantages gave birth to the fruit of good quality. Advantaged environment advantage and advanced standardization of fruit tree management technology, the combination of foster Fuji apple has the shape is, a big, good color, aroma, taste thick, high sugar content, resistant storage, etc. Now, apple has hung the trees than eggs, at this time, with family and partner in fruit tree forest, looking for the right apple, is a happiness but again!

Consumer information:

1, please carry love changping when consumer network marketing platform electronic ticket, the success of the purchase by consumption;

2, provide free parking space;


Zhang nan shao town area

Drive: six ring shunyi beijing-tibet highway north direction, evaluates the export - back to chang road, south the road area

Bus: take metro line arrived in changping south station shao,

B1 (1) subway mouth had the road have chang 51 bus station, get off at the mouth ZhangGeZhuang Village sat 2.

2. The subway C2 mouth out half an hour to the south area.

3. The estuary metro subway 15 yuan (C) take a taxi to the village

Cui village apple picking:

Contact phone number: 60723094139169101.

Self-drive: since the beijing-tibet west on the export of high-speed changping (G6) high-speed, along the street, chang cui drive down hong tong village road east that is.

Way to the bus: take 856 road, chang road, 60 H63 road, rural road 103 in hong tong village station 200 meters to the east.