[6.26 international drug ban day] this is "jumping sugar"? Bath salts? No, it's called new

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About 100,000 people worldwide die each year from drug abuse

Another 10 million people have taken drugs

Loss of normal intelligence and ability to work

Treasure your life and refuse drugs

In recent years, the situation in China is not optimistic due to the epidemic of international poisons and various factors in China. The crime and social problems caused by drugs are increasing.

It has become an important factor affecting social security and stability in our country.

Drug users are spread across all sectors of society, and there are various ways and channels of contact with drugs, but eventually they all go to the tragedy of changing the taste of the family and the human condition.

Know new drugs correctly

In the case of conventional drugs such as heroin and cannabis, synthetic drugs are a reminder of the new drug in the international day of drug abuse.

Let's get together and get together. Don't be confused by these colorful little sugar pills


The new drug users, especially young people, think that the new drug is a "fad", "cool", "hi" and not addictive. This false awareness and weak awareness of prevention led to the proliferation and spread of new drugs.

Small love thinks, stay away from "drugs", we must do "six don't"

1. Don't drink anything from a stranger or an unknown beverage in public.

Don't use some of the so-called pick-me-up drugs or even drugs for stress relief or relief when you're stressed or frustrated.

3. Do not listen to human bewitchment, to the malicious person advocate drug use can reduce weight, alleviate fatigue and so on "good", want to distinguish true and false, active resistance, beware of fall into the trap.

Don't try so hard because you are curious or inspired by others.

5. Don't go in and out of bars, KTV, etc.

Don't think of new drugs as a fashion trend, "cool" or "hi", don't blindly worship the stars, or imitate their drugs.


Cherishing life, away from drugs, not just a slogan, should be a wake-up call. As the 30th international drug ban day approaches, let us act together to say "no" to drugs!