High temperature warning strikes, thought of a 25 ℃ in summer? To changping the five great summer pl

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After the storm,

High temperature and heat,

When you go out for a barbecue, the house is steamed

If you can avoid a summer heat in the mountains, get rid of it

Wouldn't it be more agreeable!

These are the "central air conditioners" of summer resort

It's the most popular summer place

Check it out!

2 longshan forest park

Double longshan forest park, the natural environment is superior, the vegetation cover rate above 95%, the main peak elevation of 968 meters, summer air temperature is lower than the city of 5 to 8 , unique mountains, the air is fresh.

It is a natural botanical garden, with its lush forests, exotic grasses, and its canopy. The high peak, the strange stone, and the ancient border wall relics still have the rich "wild interest". The two sides of the mountain stone wall, one peak alone, the twin peaks juxtaposition, so there is the title of "xiao huangshan" in Beijing.

Play tips: mountain climbing, forest, wild fun, summer

Address: 4km northwest of the Ming tombs in changping district

Bus line: changping line changping line changping station changping chang 55 road to the bottom of the walk

Self-drive line: the beijing-tibet expressway into xiguan ring road into the direction of the chang-cheong road in the direction of the 2 dragon mountain road 2.8 km


2 tiger valley from the wind scenery area


Tianyu natural scenic area, in changping, here almost nobody knows, no one is not familiar. In summer, tianyu USES a cool forest and streams to nourish the grilled tourists and comes to tianyu, your first feeling is cool!

The scenic area of the water show valley, the cave is deep, the four seasons are pleasant, there is the "tianyu huijin" landscape of one of the eight scenes of ancient yanjing. There are Ming tombs, gully cliff scenic spots, old Beijing micro-park and other scenic spots.

The water in the valley formed a stream. Water grass, fish, tadpoles; Sometimes he dived into the hills and disappeared.


If you have the energy to move forward, you will also see scenic spots such as tianchi, nanshi valley, and elephant trunk mountain.

Play tips: wild fun, mountain climbing, stream, look at rare terrain

Address: north of tianyu village, nankou town, changping district

Bus: take 357, 357, 376 rd, 914 road red mud ditch


3 long valley city

Long valley city village

Changyu town village is located in the northwest of changping district, 54 kilometers from changping satellite city. The vegetation is thick and fresh, and there is changping "little Tibet".


The average temperature here is below 6-7 degrees downtown, and the evening breeze is refreshing. On the old wall in summer, you can enjoy this rare clean and cool when the cool breeze sets in. Check out the social scene here and enjoy a delicious pig's hoof.


Long valley village of monuments and the natural landscape is numerous, can make every person here does it one brace up, the village temple, west high stage for hundreds of years of history, the temple of Ming dynasty cast by the clock, the bell rang, rising and falling, exciting, in front of the ancient towering, although after hundreds of years, still vibrant.


The ancient city wall of changyu city

The north of the city is based on the Great Wall, the town of nanwang town, the strategic position is very dangerous, it is the important pass of Beijing defense in the Ming dynasty.


There is still a faint view of the ancient city wall, the crenkou, the old track of weng city. It is also the highest peak of changping, the wild wall of the original flavor makes you feel the historical vicissitudes! Changyu city has been through two major wars in modern times, which is really full of wind and frost.


Changyu city hiking trail

Changyu town, changyu town, changyu town, changyu town, changyu town, changyu town, changyu city section of the hiking trail has been built. A winding wooden walkway shows the picturesque scenery of changyu town.


Go on wooden footway, feet feel is a kind of special wooden elasticity, wind blowing, flowers dancing, inadvertently clusters of lilac, white or yellow, out of various shapes such as a mountain of rock, cheng fang suddenly here, haven't you turned the claw, then see a green water, the ice clear light reflected on the blue sky white clouds, together with a gentle stream, reposes in peaks between...

Play tips: historic sites, wooden walkway, social drama, pig's hoof banquet

Address: chang yucheng village, liuvillage town, changping district

Self-drive route: the beijing-tibet expressway runs to the sixth ring road to shun sha road and changliu road to the yellow long road for 5 kilometers


4 great ridge gully kiwi fruit valley

Daling guanyi valley wind scenic area is located in the changping district of daling village, the mountains are undulating, the forest vegetation is luxuriant, the coverage rate reaches 90%, the ecological environment is excellent. The most important thing is that the scenic spot is full of wild kiwi fruit, red fruit, apricot and so on. When the fruit is ripe, it can be picked by tourists.


The natural landscape in the great ridge valley is very beautiful, with natural features like Buddha's shrines and natural caves with pigeons.


There are few people here, and the commercial atmosphere of the scenic area is very low. The view from the walkway to the top of the observation deck is very impressive, from the observation deck of the mountain top to the Ming tombs reservoir.


There are really wild kiwi fruit here, and the forest is surrounded by natural oxygen, which is a great place to stay in summer. Recreational area can enjoy the wild scenery, enjoy Beijing suburbs another scenery, into is picking area, can be in different time each year to personally pick ShanGuo, kiwi fruit is the most in the valley breeze scenic area, countless trees here, summer is very cool, is also a summer resort, can also taste the wild kiwifruit.

Play tips: climb the walkway, pick the kiwi fruit, summer

Address: north of daling village in the Ming tombs

Bus: take the line down from the top of the 55 road to the bottom of the road and climb five kilometers along the mountain road to the entrance of the scenic spot

5 yanshou temple


The temple of yanshou temple in Beijing is located in the north of the village of black shanzhai village in the Ming tombs of changping district. There are yanshou gan quan, pandragon-pine and jasper Buddha, and the temple of zhenshou is the third treasure of the temple. It is an unfinding paradise.


The yanshou temple was built at the beginning of the Ming dynasty, before the Ming tombs. The temple is dedicated to the sakyamuni and jade guanyin. Jasper guanyin is 1.2 meters high, very rare and valuable.


Yanshou temple has the dragon pine and phoenix pine, the dragon pine is in the temple, the phoenix pine is in the temple, this "dragon" a "feng" two phase confrontation, far from the view, cheng long feng xiang's state. Therefore, it is also known as one of the wonders of the ancient temple.


There is a clear spring in the mountain of the ancient temple, which is said to have lived for hundreds of years, so this spring is called the spring. The mountain spring trickled out from the rocks of the rocks and kept on constantly. Summer clear gan, winter micro sweet throat, water crystal clear, drought not dry.


Longfeng pine is close to each other, the long spring water is dingdong, the mountain under the mountain, the green weave like a blanket, make the person feel refreshed, the mind is carefree and carefree, really is a difficult to find the world fairyland.

Play tips: odd pine, clear spring, ancient temple, quiet heart

Address: black shanzhai village, yanshou town, 2 km north

Bus route: changping north station, chang 32 road, yanshou temple.

Drive route: beijing-tibet expressway changping's huandao the, to the Ming tombs, for to long ling ling direction intersection direction straight, to chang ling road in the direction of nine river crossing, huairou, then along the direction to the north village that is black to the stronghold.

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