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When it comes to perfect accommodation, the first condition is ecological livable. The blue sky, the green grass, the mountains and water show, the birds, the flowers, the people and the natural harmony, there is no light, no traffic, no traffic, no car exhaust pollution. Tao yuanming's "the peach blossom source" has written about such a perfect and livable small town, for later generations. "The land is open and open, and the house looks like the genus of mulberry. The paths of the paths and the dogs.


In real life, there will be such a livable town - static lake resort town, the town is located in changping district and life of peach meiyukou town municipal tourist resort, located between the mountains and waters, peach meiyukou reservoir in the former, backed by rolling the yanshan mountains, lifted up his eyes, the sky one blue air quality level throughout the year.

The town has more than 5,000 acres of quiet lake city forest park, an average altitude of 86 meters, the highest elevation of 388 meters, standing on the hill overlooking the peach valley reservoir, white clouds, the shadow of the light. The town has a full forest of four seasons of flowers and sea, you can enjoy peach blossom spring, early summer dew, autumn red leaves, winter chi.

Beijing is a water shortage city, static of the lakers for creating green tourist town by town unique regional culture and ecological culture characteristics make rainwater harvesting project, walked into town and smell of water, walk the four seasons of flowers and the mountains, and with the sound sound, bubbling streams, effort almost see hill streams trickling.


In the misty rain, everything exudes poetic fragrance. Large and small lakes, like a mirror, a clear blue day, reflected the white clouds, red flowers, green trees, the lake is the lake area of rural style wooden house, with friends, sitting in a lakeside cabin a pavilion for a cup of green tea, feel infinite appeal and comfortable holiday together.


The town also has its own green eco-farm, which gives visitors fresh organic vegetables and fruit year-round. Visitors can also pick them with their families, enjoy pastoral pleasures and enjoy family time. There are peacocks, ponies, rabbits, deer and cute goats


This place is far from the noise and filth of the city, and it is a pure land in the bustling metropolis. The real world is a paradise.