Dayangshan Scenic Area

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Dayangshan Scenic Area boasts over ten spectacular natural landscapes such as Chessboard Rock, Black Dragon Pool, East and West Bird’s Nests, Ten Thousand-people

Tower, Horse Digging Spring, Twin Dragon Bridge and Green Dragon Ravine. Blossom flowers decorate the area in three seasons and green grass covers the whole area all the

year round. With excellent natural conditions, SIGHTS it is home to wild plants, which constitute a forest world. There are hundreds of species of trees in the forested area. In deep autumn, the mixed forest of Chinese chestnut, pines, cypresses and oaks show striking colors of red and green, offering a magnificent view.

The place has a wealth of cultural and historical heritage, including eight temple sites from the Liao Dynasty (970-1125) and more than ten well-preserved pagodas. The Stone Buddha Temple which remains almost intact attracts many tourists. Even more amazing, there is an ancient well and a pagoda spring on the mountain, besides numerous ancient wells and springs at the foot of the mountain. The sweet, refreshing water comes out from the springs all year. With its beautiful scenery, fresh air and
mild climate, Dayangshan offers a good shelter from summer heat.

Muchang Village, Yanshou Town, Changping District, Beijing
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