Wali Rural Kitchen Restaurant

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Wali Rural Kitchen Restaurant, founded in 2002, is located in Xiaotangshan. It is a restaurant incorporating special farm food, rural tools, Wali Museum and rustic playground. Farm food developed by the restaurant includes big pot stew series, series of selfmade tofu, self-made iron dish series, boutique charcoal dish series, wild vegetable series, special barbecue series, and rustic staple series.

The Kitchen Restaurant will make you feel at home, allow you to taste authentic dishes and will provide you with family warmth. If you have time, please come to the Kitchen Restaurant with your families, relatives and friends and enjoy the fun brought by the distinctive Wali Rural Kitchen Restaurant!

5 kilometers east of the old Daliushu Roundabout, Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District, Beijing
010 - 6171 4090